Nursery 1 | Pre-Kindergarten Age 3

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Nursery 1 | Pre K 3 – An innovative & a truly comprehensive Program for 3 years old

We recognize that your three-year-old:

  1. Learns primarily through exploring, using all the senses.
  2.  Language skill is taking off. They learn lots of new words and make major improvements in pronunciation. They communicate in simple sentences and are refining their use of grammar.
  1. Able to listen to and understand conversations, stories, songs and poems. They are learning their letters, they notice print in the environment and may ask what it means.They also realize that print in books tells a reader what to say. They become aware of the uses for writing.
  1. Develop their logical reasoning skills as they play. They can put together simple puzzles. They are able to classify and sort objects. They can count up to “five,” and begin to recognize written numerals “0” through “9.”
  2. Love dramatic play & role play and will sometimes get so involved in their imagined scenarios that they continue their roles even after the play stops.
  3. Physically, able to move with greater sureness. They have improved their abilities to run, climb and perform other large-muscle activities. Improved finger dexterity allows them to put together simple puzzles, use tools, hold crayons with fingers instead of fists.
  1. Emotionally, need familiar adults nearby for security as they explore and play. As they develop more independence, children this age begin to have real friendships with other children. They are learning to recognize the causes of feelings and will give simple help, such as a hug, to those who are upset.

With the above knowledge in mind, we set an innovative, comprehensive & fun syllabus for your child.

Our Focus on Literacy: Letters & Sounds; Love of Reading

  1. They will learn to recognize and name all 26 uppercase letters and some lowercase letters (lowercase letters are harder to learn at this age).
  1. They will learn to recognize their own first name and some will be able to write it, along with other letters and meaningful words likeMomDad, and love.
  1. They will also develop a connection between letters and sounds and know some of the sounds that letters make.
  2. We encourage and develop the love of language, reading, and books in your child. We conduct  Computer Assisted Read-Along Session in a Group followed by individual Read-Along with the teacher.
  3. We encourage your children to write. Asking your child to sit quietly in a chair and trace letters over and over again is totally uninspiring.  So, we do not expect your 3 year old to be able to write all the letters of the alphabet. We start by teaching your child to print/write his/her name properly. Then we continue with the rest of the big letters.

 Our Focus on Numeracy: Numbers & Counting

  1. We help your 3 year old to recognize and identify the numbers 1 through 10 and correctly count 10
  2. Your child will learn what numerals 0 to 9 look like. They also learn to name them correctly.
  3. Counting is a separate skill that usually starts with memorization; your child will memorize the order of numbers and say them proudly as they “count” objects.
  4. As they advance, they will learn that the numbers and objects actually correspond.
  5. Group Computer Assisted Learn-Along followed by Individual Enhancement Session with the teacher.

 Our Focus on Socializing & Sharing

 Developing important social skills is necessary for the development of your child.  Your child will learn how to

  1. share and cooperate.
  2. work together and take turns.
  3. participate in group activities and follow simple directions/instructions
  4. communicate wants and needs. Children have to be able to speak up for themselves. They need to know how to ask for help.


Other Skills:

  1. Colors, Shapes, and Objects: Your child will learn to learn the names of many colours, basic shapes, and body parts.
  2. Cutting and Drawing: children should be able to cut with scissors. As they develop better hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, they will start drawing and colouring beyond just scribbles and will learn to use pencils, paintbrushes, and glue.


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