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The Best English Preschool | Kindergarten | Tadika  in Taman Universiti, Skudai.  Obviously, the BEST in Skudai !  World Class! Check us out…

We are The Best Preschool In Skudai, Johor | NO. 1 | Unrivalled | World Class English Education brought to you by GMM Kinderarten.

If you are living in and around the SKUDAI area  in Johor, & you are looking for high quality, world class preschool / kindergarten / early childhood education, it used to be a real challenge until NOW…..

The Best,  No. 1,  Unrivalled World Class Montessori Education

Young children develop at different pace, even at the same age, different children develops differently from others.

The method/system/program we put in place must be able to nurture and enhance their development, not “slow down” or retard their development.

To do this, a child needs to learn at his/her own pace.  In the traditional classroom environment, it is very difficult to achieve. The traditional setting is meant for average students;  the slow students will  be left behind and the fast learners will be slowed down.

Therefore, we developed a program & a system to nurture every child to reach his her full potential. Our program allows a child to learn at his or her own pace.

Traditional educational set up does not cater for this need. One teacher, one program where all the children of the same age group regardless of their ability needs to follow the program.  This is highly disadvantageous for the 2 types of group of students:

  • Fast learners will need to slow down to “wait” for their classmate. This can demoralised a lot of them causing them to be bored and could cause more problems in the future.
  • Slow learners will find it difficult to catch up and they will give up entirely..


After implementing the traditional education method for 6 years and observing with frustrations the impact of this system upon the 2 categories of students, our founder set out to develop a program to serve the needs of these students which benefits children of different abilities.

Our program allows every child to learn at his /her own pace.  This enables the child to reach his/her full potential.  Yet, there are still many opportunities for students to learn & play in groups throughout the day.  During the individual activity, the brighter child will be given more material and his/her ability/development will continue to be challenged so that he/she is always reaching out for more.

The slower child will be allowed to take his/her own time to master the material relevant to his/her ability.

For every topic, the students will learn in a group.  Then the students will be given exercises to enhance their learning experience. The fast learners will get to do more while the slow learners can take their time. This way, every child will have an enjoyable experience and the fast learner can reach out for more, hence reaching their true potential.

Combining this with the Montessori Method of teaching & the Montessori Materials which is worldly renown and recognised, we create the BEST, WORLD CLASS, UNRIVALED and MOST OPTIMAL learning Method, Environment and Opportunity for every child.



Unleashing the genius within your child

Research shows that the most rapid period of brain development occurs in the first five years.

Strong, supportive interactions with young children through play allows them to develop at their own pace, and this leads to confidence in their ability to learn, developing skills such as problem solving, creativity, investigation and persistence.

Such skills and knowledge are required for later academic learning. When children’s natural curiosity and interest in their world is nurtured and encouraged by parents and caregivers, children build powerful feelings of self-worth because they are confident in their abilities.

At GMM Kindergarten we acknowledge the above facts and our programs are designed to nurture your child & to unleash the genius within him/her.

We are also a strong believer of : “The power to control our own fate began with our ability to read and write.”

With that in mind, we make it our mission to teach your child to read early from as early as 4 years old.  Our method is the first of its kind and is proven effective. It is different from the method used in conventional classrooms as the conventional classroom techniques allow less time for learners to spend on reading and discussing books and allow more time for worksheets drill. This conventional technique has been documented to be ineffective.  Through many years of teaching young children to read, our founder has found the best method of how to effectively teach literacy (reading & writing). She implemented an innovative teaching strategy which involves the use of computers and assistive technology. Through technology, she developed individualized and self-paced programs to effectively teach young children to read.

What makes this program highly effective is the immediate & individualized assessment by a teacher.  And its effectiveness is further enhanced by the fact that this program is no longer dependant on the teacher as the teacher role is no longer to teach but simply to assess. The teacher simply acts as a facilitator. The effectiveness of the teacher teaching method is now irrelevant hence, your child no longer needs the best teacher, just this BEST METHOD!

As a parent, we always want the best for our children, so INVEST WISELY. This is the best investment you could possibly make.  Invest in your child’s future now.

Enroll your child at GMM Kindergarten for a great head start in life.

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or come & visit our center at: 93-2 Jalan Pendidikan 5, Taman Universiti. (we are located above restoran assam Pedas)


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